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Why is groupalike going to be your next favorite app?

Hey there people! Tired of scrolling through your phone screens, switching between the same old apps? Well, looks like we got you a pretty good solution! An app that helps build human-human connection! Excited much? Wait till you get to know more about it!

The new social networking culture is sure to widen your outreach but only at the cost of your valuable freedom and privacy. It is true that today, maintaining a private space is nothing short of a privilege. You may, in all probability, come across people, who judge you, making you uncomfortable and uneasy in your own space! You might think of it as your space but, in reality, it also belongs to a gazillion other people who share the same space as you. Sadly, you have to filter out your own thoughts and ideas. You are expected to chain your notions to fit society’s standards. And if you don’t, well, then be prepared to get comments that thrash your confidence.

If, by any chance, you find connections that you believe are true and worthy, how would you ascertain if the intention behind the engagement is pure? Short-lived relations can be disheartening and exhausting. This is a part and parcel of being engaged in apps that give more weight to how a person looks and pays no heed to what actually lies beyond all of it. We are well aware of how these new-age apps promote pretentiousness. Alas! Realness seems outdated. Authentic relations seem impossible. What is the use of a platform where you aren’t allowed to be yourself?

Instead, you need a space that embraces you for who you are and helps you build genuine connections. A platform that helps you be you while you build relationships that add value to your life, sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s time to transform this dream into reality with Groupalike! Groupalike is like a breath of fresh air for those who aspire to form real connections over mere momentary bonds.

We know that safety is the prime concern when it comes to meeting some new people out there. Don’t worry, we have you covered! You do not have to entertain anyone that you feel isn’t really your cup of tea. But, how? Well, Groupalike ensures you an enjoyable experience by filtering out creeps and lifting the safety walls high!

The app provides an ultimate solution to those who struggle to find people that match their vibe. It is a boon for introverts who find it difficult to break the ice and initiate meaningful conversations. The app allows nearby people to meet in groups, talk and interact over a bundle of games, catchy music, share memes, and engage in quizzes. This initiates a sense of bonding while you obtain a chemistry score each time you engage in some activity. So, you know that you have established a bond for real! In this way, Groupalike aims to smash monotony that is certain to occur after a while. It gets you moving over the basic “hi-hello-what’s up”.

See mutual interests of a group in groupalike!

You know it is all authentic, given that each profile is built entirely based on feedback that people on the other end provide. Isn’t it amusing that, here, a person’s profile is a true reflection of who he really is based on the reviews and tags given to him? By this, you know for sure that the likes of each individual displayed over their account are authentic. Groupalike takes care of each of its users by maintaining utmost transparency and authenticity. Its strict privacy standards do not let anything come in the way of you finding your tribe. It eliminates strangers who tend to infringe on your personal space. It sorts out people who lack genuineness.

Wait till you think this is all! What’s more? Well, you can post whatever you feel like in the local feed or even in the global feed. You don’t need to be popular or a biggie to get yourself out there. And, that is why we call Groupalike a unique one! It also helps you get thrilling deals at nearby places if you wish to interact with the same people in person. So, socializing just got better without having to burn a hole in your pockets!

Groupalike encourages you to look way beyond just the superficial characteristics of a person. It helps you learn about diverse people depending upon their personality and individuality. Thus, deep down, you know it is meaningful and ahead of all those stale, mainstream apps already existing in the domain. It brings new energy into your social lives and helps you break the ice. It gives you the assurance that the ones surrounding you really like you for you!

Groupalike is a bliss for those who wish to engage with new people and understand them better before meeting them in person. There is a sense of safety and comfort that you could definitely feel as you would have already interacted and built some sort-of link. Hence, it intends to create fulfilling relations, be it online or offline. Groupalike is going to be an app worth every second of your time, considering how important it is to maintain a social life in our fast pacing lives!

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