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Have you ever been lonely? Surely you must know what loneliness feels like; there could be a ton of reasons.

I sure have; multiple times. It sucks, definitely not a good feeling; it’s also different from being alone or sad, and if I remember well I’ve been lonely the most when I found myself surrounded by people.

How would you define loneliness? The Internet results,


sadness because one has no friends or company

Well, then we will have to dig deeper into the definition of friends too.
In my opinion,


loneliness is the lack of happiness and association, with people who wouldn’t just listen but also understand!

And where can you find such people? People who either are or have been where you are.

Ask yourself what’s more normal today, someone randomly saying “Hi, how’s it going?” in a superstore or a social media app? I tried both, online and offline; social & not so social apps, they did allow me to meet people but you know how it’s like.

All this while I wished, if only there was an app that helped people meet for whatever reason that they want to meet, people who will vibe the moment they meet.

When you see someone’s profile it should be a reflection of who they are, instead of how tall they are, or how many countries they’ve been to!
An app that connects people in groups, adds value and doesn’t come with the disappointment of realizing that you wasted an evening of your precious time on someone who didn’t seem in real life how they looked online. An app, that goes beyond looks and allows you to feel.

That’s when I first sketched the idea of Groupalike, an app that allows nearby people to meet in groups, helps them discover chemistry by interacting over games, music, memes, quizzes, etc. And it should be a reflection of how others feel around them, a feedback profile! So when people in a group attend a meeting, they share how they felt with each other and that feedback builds their public profile.

An app where you can message strangers that excite you but, your chat expires if they don’t reply or you send too many texts. An app where you can create a same-gender group if you want to watch or play a game or have a boys/girls night out! An app that offers you deals on food or nearby places if you visit as a group, which lets you feel comfortable and safe because you know the people you’re meeting a bit better in advance. An app that creates a better world, both online and offline.

And everything after that is a crazy story! I realized how you feel when an idea doesn’t let you sleep or when you wake up in the middle of the night and start scribbling or when you first install your dream that became a reality!

I hope you like the vision and the product. Share groupalike with people you know, spread the word. As of writing this, we’re just getting started, we have a lot of ideas we want to implement, a roadmap of new features which we’re working on, a small but really dedicated and hard-working team! We strive to keep the platform and the core features of the app free!
Please give us feedback, suggestions on making groupalike better, report if you find any bugs (we hope not) so that we at groupalike can make your experience better.