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Looking for people to match your vibe check?

Find your crowd with groupalike!

Imagine how lonely it would be for you to move to a new city or neighborhood only to be left alone! There are times where accepting a new opportunity leads to you leaving your comfort zone and familiar surroundings. It could be for a job that you had been aiming for years or it could be for a new relationship that you wish to work!

Nonetheless, it can initially be very hard for anyone to look out for people with whom a connection can be made. In today’s time, no one has the patience to meet new people only to realize that there is not one thing common between them. Think how frustrating it would be for you to spend your precious time over someone who is not even close to the impression you had of them?

It is all about the V-I-B-E

To find individuals that match your interests can be a task especially when you have recently relocated. For us humans, socializing and meeting new people is important so we do not feel lonely or left out. However, finding the appropriate people is as important. It is critical that we do not surround ourselves with random people just for the sake of it. Hanging out with people who do not match your vibe would be as good as not mingling at all. You could feel lost while you are surrounded by a huge group of people. Not being understood is indeed, a pain.

Therefore, it is essential to create an environment involving people who understand every bit of your personality and complement your vibe! Vibes also known as vibrations are intangible. It can only be felt. Vibes create an aura, an atmosphere of comfort and positive experiences. Thus, vibing with people around you is of utmost importance so that the feeling is mutual.

But, firstly how would you find some company at all if you do not know where to begin from. Well, you would be glad to know that there exists an app that is exactly what you would need in this situation. Groupalike is your rescue plan, your very first companion that would take your lonesomeness far, far away! It is amusing to know how effectively this app functions.

We’ve got you covered!

You just need to make an account that speaks about who you are. What next? In no time you can connect to people who live in and around you, chat with them, build a bond over some exciting games, activities and quizzes. The same people get to review and rate your profile so each bit of it is true and valid. You are also given tags based on what people think of you which makes your outreach better fitting. Also, the app allows you to become a part of groups that involve people with matching traits. Interact with the group members and know more about them.

You are free to choose groups based on your preferences. You can be a part of different groups at the same time to appreciate each side of you. Wouldn’t it be like a bonus for you to find a bunch of people who are of the same interests, vibes and ideologies, altogether! The best thing is that the more you engage the more your profile gets better to attract the right people only.

Thus, groupalike is not mere a network building app. It goes beyond just finding people and chatting while you pass your time. It is all about finding the right people to make lifelong, genuine connections. You know that your connections are true because you only build them over time through various activities and extensive conversations! After you feel there is some real connection that has been built, you can decide to meet either individually or as a group. You can make so many plans once you feel that you vibe with a certain group of people.

…Get your plans rollin’

Do you know what the greatest part of meeting in-person after you have already interacted through groupalike would be? Absolutely no chance of any awkwardness or discomfort! The get-together would seem so easy and smooth since you would have already interacted with everyone and made some strong bonds. You would have already established a mental connection before meeting so the comfort level would be unmatchable!

People are social animals constantly wanting to interact with other of its kind. Socializing and vibing with the same people as you would definitely help you keep sane amid this wild world. Thus, groupalike is a boon for all those who wish to form the right associations. The whole idea behind the app is to first make people connect, catch a vibe and then meet. You could plan a Friday games night with one group and a Saturday brunch plan with another. You need not make yourself acceptable among a group. Instead, find a group that feels like home. With groupalike, it is all about having a pretty good time with the ones who match your energy!

If you haven’t already, download groupalike now!