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Likes, now categorized!

The obsession with ‘likes’ today is unsettling. We tend to justify a person’s worth by the likes that they get over social media. It’s mayhem out there, everybody running after the completely materialistic recognition. People just take a look at the likes and decide if the post has got some value associated with it. Sadly, posting online to receive likes on it has become more of a business and, sentiments have taken a back seat. Shouldn’t it be a space that reflects you, your interests, or things you are passionate about?

Today, it feels like a competition where the one who receives the highest number of likes gets the intangible trophy of being the most liked, famous, and recognized. The fancier the posts, the fancier your reputation over the social front gets.

What’s wrong here?

The whole concept is erroneous. Social media is all about encouraging who you are and at the same time, preaches the idea of the maximum likes that would eventually overshadow your personality. People often think, “If likes do not matter on social media, then what does?” Why weigh someone’s worth in terms of likes? Why does no one want to see over and above it all? As a result, this practice makes people all the more anxious about where they stand. The pressure gets ahead of them in no time!

Category of likes at Groupalike…

Thus, Groupalike came up with a more informative concept that does not make likes, the only way someone perceives you or your posts.
When you happen to come across a post on the feed, the first thing that you will see isn’t going to be the number of likes. Instead, you would see the category that the post belongs to. Yes, the category of likes, a never seen before the feature, is what makes Groupalike so fresh and new!

The aim behind this categorization is only to leave behind the toxic competition that flows with liking a post on each possible social app. It is to make the social space more respectful and healthy. The classification is easy to understand. There are four major categories for posts; Interesting, Admired, Popular and, Electric.

How does it all work?

Posts with likes ranging from 0 to 9, would be labeled Interesting. A post with 10 to 99 likes would be marked as Admired. Following the same categorization, the posts with likes between 100 to 999 will be tagged Popular. And, the ones with likes exceeding the 999 mark would be displayed as Electric.
If you wish to still know of a post’s likes, you may click on it and actually go into it to see the number of people who reacted to it. So, liking a post is no longer a formality on Groupalike. You see a post, understand it, appreciate it, and then give it a heads up by liking it. It indeed attaches more meaning to whatever you see over the social platform.

Why do we need it?

The ultimate takeaway from this transformed definition of likes is that we need to stop obsessing over it. Self-worth being attached to mere likes isn’t a concept. Today, the psychology of being liked is pretty messed up. It should not influence one’s self-esteem in any way. Let’s make social media a free space to express how you feel without paying heed to what people think of you! With Groupalike, it is time to change your perception, now more than ever!