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Groupalike Messaging: I’m in awe!

We’re all fond of talking and expressing ourselves freely, aren’t we? I mean, who likes to bottle up their thoughts, right? Online chatting has made it easy-peasy for us to connect with people and engage in real-time messaging! After all, not everyone around us is an extrovert who finds it easy to talk to people. We have introverted, shy people, struggling to find the ones with whom they can engage in some tete-a-tete.

Initially, talking to new people and initiating conversations sounds all fun and games. But, in no time, this thrilling experience could change into a not-so-fun experience. As for me, personal space is of utmost importance and, it scares me to even think of giving it up. It is never a wise decision to put your privacy, safety, and security at stake in exchange for finding ground with some new people.

A challenge? pretty much!

You might come across creepy people while you’re on the lookout for some friendly connections. Don’t even get me started on how uncomfortable it becomes when the same people try to infringe on your personal space. You would desperately find ways to ignore them and their uncomfortable recurring gestures. In the end, you’d just give up on the app to escape those few people. I’m sure you would also never want to go through such an experience while you’re just trying to find some genuine, fun-loving people.
I desperately wanted an app that doesn’t throw all these obstacles at me. An app that lets me find people with the same intentions as I, with whom I can create genuine bonds and engage in valuable conversations. Talking and connecting with people should feel light, happy, and never a burden.

what’s it got?

Indeed, my chatting experience just got better as I came across Groupalike, a social app that is all about finding people who match your interests, with whom you can vibe. My first impression of the app was neutral. At first, I assumed it to be like any other app existing in the domain. I realized it has got so much more to it as and when I got familiar with the app. The features are gleaming new and, even the mainstream features have been given an interesting twist! Let’s dig into my chat experience with the app.

The app’s interface is simple and user friendly. I was able to type easily and even use emoticons to describe all my thoughts in a much better way. Along with normal messaging, you can also send audio messages pretty conveniently. The app supports media sharing too!

Message expiry to the rescue!

What really is the highlight here is the app’s message expiry feature. It is evidently the best! Solely designed to reduce clutter, this feature would save you from every forced conversation. You have 24 hours to reply to any message after which it expires automatically. Moreover, if someone tries to message you repeatedly even after their messages get expired, this 24-hour duration keeps getting halved. The person would also lose points simultaneously. Isn’t that great? It’s going to save you from all the unnecessary messages that come your way.
There’s absolutely no hesitation that’ll hold you back while you chat because those messages wouldn’t be there forever. Don’t worry, Groupalike also gives you a chance to save the chats if you feel so. You just need to favorite the person to save their texts and, they need to favorite you back. It is a points-based app. You gain some and, you lose some! Every little activity of yours would either reward you or deduct a few points.

Sigh of relief…

Chatting via social apps has become an everyday thing for all of us. Finally, with Groupalike you can find like-minded people, chat with them and create events and meet-ups. Now, no need to worry about being stuck in situations that make you look rude and ignorant. The vision of this app is to create a conversation that allows you to keep up your personal space intact while engaging with new people and expressing yourself. Get ready to witness a chatting experience like never before!

Let’s group alike, Groupalike!