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A profile that speaks for you- feedback profile feature at groupalike

How cool would it be if you knew how people feel about someone with whom you wish to interact? It could feel 100 per-cent safe and genuine especially, when these come from strangers who have absolutely no personal motive other than just delivering what’s right. An arrangement where you get to read honest reviews so you know what to expect, not out of things but humans! Yes! Actual humans! Sound’s amusing and incredibly apart from normal, doesn’t it?

It is just like when you visit a bookstore to buy some latest ones, you tend to go by the reviews that a book gets and decide if it really interests you to get your hands on the same. It is pretty natural for us humans to go by the reviews and ratings before making the smallest of the move and, it would become all the more huge if those reviews pertain to HUMANS! After all, these work just as ‘first impressions’.

Today’s harsh reality…

Getting to know people can be a strenuous process especially, where half the things conveyed are made up and untrue! No kidding, it is scary how masked someone’s personality could be. We live in a generation where putting out your true self before people seems impossible. You’re just constantly trying to cover up your insecurities for more acceptability, failing miserably at keeping your individuality intact. Just like an elephant possesses two different sets of teeth, one for show and one for it to eat, people also possess different dimensions to their personality that they do not disclose right away.

Envisage the changing landscape!

We gotta say, it totally branches off the bond that you had been building for quite a time after you get to know that it was baseless and a huge fail! It could save us so much time and effort if we could get to know at least a true impression about a person and their persona before we could actually hit off a conversation with them.

Sceptical? We understand.

Usually, this sounds too much to ask for in a social app given, the very nature of such apps is to build connections via social interaction. However, Groupalike, a brand new addition to the social apps domain, is here to make it all easier for you! Wanna know how? With its feature that is all about creating a feedback profile for every individual.

Get the initial impression right!

Creating a profile for you sounds so vanilla! Every app or even a website requires you to make one to establish your presence. It requires you to answer a few mainstream questions and, you’re good to go. But, at Groupalike, it’s different!

Just like other apps, even at Groupalike, you have to make an account first. You can put up a profile photo, enter your location, and add your phone number and basic details. List your preferences, interests, and everything that you wish to share. Subsequently, you would connect with different people based on your common interests in no time! So this was all fundamental. Let’s get to the most exciting part of this app- its feedback profile feature!

He’s a pawner! Shhh!

Reviews with a twist!

The story doesn’t end with just you building a profile, it actually starts! At Groupalike, people who you have connected with- be it through chatting or even over a get-together, are the ones who actually build your profile. As bizarre as it sounds, it’s true! The people whom you connect with play an important role here by publishing their feedback or reviews over your profile. And that’s why it’s called a feedback profile. They can give feedback to your profile, you know how massively important they are!
It’s a reflection of what others feel about you and your vibes. It also includes all about how their experience was getting to know you as a person. It’s a true blue portrayal of one’s individuality not by them but by people and, that’s why it is regarded as reliable and upright.

I’m officially a good buoy!

You literally don’t have the pressure over your shoulders to portray yourself a certain way. It involves you being in your natural element so that anyone who visits your profile knows how people who’ve known you, perceive you.

Credibility- check!

Feedbacks, good or bad, play a huge role in assessing genuineness. It gives a person who wishes to know you more insight into your persona. Simultaneously, feedbacks coming from people would offer you a chance to improve yourself and appreciate constructive criticism. Not only that, you get an opportunity to know more about yourself and how people perceive you. It could generate a sense of self-discovery.

I’m the coolest, don’t trust me? Ask Mr. Papple!

Moreover, with a feature like that, people wouldn’t feel the need to cross-check about anyone whom they wish to engage with because they would have access to each feedback and every review given to that person. It would deviate them from getting into unnecessary drama coming from all the ambiguity and surfacing trust issues. It is all transparent here, without a doubt!

It’s all fun and games…

And let’s not forget, the app is based on a game-like format. Thus, giving feedbacks would fetch you points too! Keeping its essence intact, a user’s account would be credited with 15 points each time they provide their valuable feedback over a profile. So, let’s call it a win-win situation!

That’s a glimpse of my group 👆 Where’s yours!

All of us, every day, rely on reviews, feedbacks, and ratings for the smallest of things. They come in handy in times of confusion. Thus, groupalike gives you a chance to read reviews associated with a profile before taking it further. You get what you see, for real! It’s a process of knowing people that are true to the core so, you don’t have to question anyone’s authenticity. At groupalike, it’s all about building relations organically.

You can also watch this video to understand the Feedback profile!

How does the feedback profile work?