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Help volunteering teams
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Help the helping hands

At groupalike, people can volunteer for the causes they support. As an example, people can create a volunteer group to teach kids on the weekends. As a business, you can help the volunteering group with stationary they might need for it. Similarly, food and clothes for the homeless, shelters for disaster relief, etc.

powered-by-blockchain-people can use points for offers-businesses can use points for promotion
  • Acquisition

Attract nearby users

People using groupalike can schedule events and meet in a group, which is an excellent opportunity as a business to acquire new customers by giving them a reason to choose you!
What can be better than giving offers and discounts? Customers can upload public pictures with your business, which will be visible to all nearby members!

Customers tell you what they need
  • Discovery & Brand visibility

Fuelled by power of intent

Groupalike is an excellent place to be seen. People can choose offers from nearby venues to meet and organize events, which not only shows visibility but also brings brick and mortar back into the business. You can help people volunteer, which brings your brand on the merchandise. People can write and share testimonials, which makes your brand popular with nearby users.

Meet at a nearby cafe
  • Retention

The power to retain users

Unlike traditional businesses, you can always reach out to the existing customers to show them better deals if they return as a group! Powered by blockchain, we measure the impact of your communication, which gives you value on the points spent to advertise.

  • Volunteering | Traveling

And lots more...

Connect over causes you care about, meet to volunteer. Create trips and meet with travelers traveling nearby, share your stories, groupalike.