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Match in a group with people nearby!

Create your own crowd, match with nearby people in a group who are into what you are! Our machine learning algorithms are constantly at work to provide you with the best matches!

Online games, memes, music and quizzes

It’s great to find people you can connect with, now with an integrated library of games, memes, quizzes & music you’ll never run out of conversation topics! 

Meeting in a group is more exciting and fun!

Imagine having brunch with people from a food group, watching movies with an entertainment group, having a friends night out in a same-gender group! 

Profiles you would love to read!

Your profile is a reflection of what others feel about you, and that’s what you see about others! Cumulative feedback constantly builds your profile a better reflection of you.

Create trips & meet nearby travelers, Volunteer, and more!

Connect over causes you care about, meet to volunteer. Create trips and meet with travelers traveling nearby, share your stories, and travel together, groupalike.